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Redefining the healthcare experience with a digital front door

In our previous blog we introduced you to Rachel, a single mother with a busy work schedule trying to care for her and her family’s health needs. Rachel’s situation demonstrates many of the challenges we are now facing when trying to manage  our health and wellbeing when trying to  interact with the ‘current’ healthcare system. … Continued


Chief Among Friends: The future of healthcare and the digital front door

In the February 2021 episode of the Chief Among Friends podcast, Chris spoke to Orion Health’s Vice President of Client Value Andrea Tait about her work on an emerging concept for healthcare delivery, known as the digital front door. Chris and Andrea discuss what a digital front door is, why it’s needed in healthcare and … Continued


Making the most of a healthcare digital front door investment

The healthcare digital front door enables a truly personalised healthcare experience for individuals and helps to simplify a consumer’s access to what can often be overwhelming, disjointed, and complicated health systems. It is a comprehensive technology solution that empowers citizens and enables them to interact with the health system at a time and place convenient to them.    Studies have shown that patients who have access to and engage with patient engagement … Continued


How can a digital front door change the way consumers access and interact with health systems?

Arguably the biggest challenge facing healthcare is the continually rising frustrations from consumers around the way they access and interact with the health system. These expectations are based on the way consumers use digital services like online banking. To address this, healthcare needs an equivalent.   Typically, to access healthcare services, citizens must make an appointment … Continued


Reducing caregiver burnout by simplifying healthcare interactions

As we navigate health care and all the different services (and technologies) offered – we keep hitting complicated processes, fragmented services and escalating costs – which all lead to a damaging experience. We all deserve a happy, healthy and fulfilled life, but how can technology help us achieve that? In our previous blog post, we … Continued


New targets accelerate England’s Shared Care Record ambitions

It has been an eventful year for Shared Care Records in England. The Covid-19 pandemic gave a new impetus to work that was already underway and then, in July last year, NHS England set a new target. Outgoing Chief Executive Sir Simon (now Lord) Stevens announced that the integrated care systems (ICSs) to take forward … Continued


Taking a consumer-centred view of our healthcare systems

At present, to access healthcare services, you need to make an appointment with your doctor, wait some time for that appointment, then have the necessary tests and reports, another appointment, and then wait again for a referral to another healthcare provider, and so on. In addition to managing your own health, you may also need … Continued