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Orion Health helps Southern Cross Healthcare migrate critical services to Amazon Web Services

Earlier this year, Orion Health successfully migrated Southern Cross Healthcare’s Clinical Workstation platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Continuing their quest to deliver access to quality healthcare to their patients and be at the forefront of innovation, Southern Cross Healthcare made the decision to shift this critical business application, comprising Orion Health Amadeus, Care Pathways and Problem List, to AWS.

Clinical Workstation is important to Southern Cross Healthcare’s clinical teams to provide an integrated view of a patient’s medical record; improving accessibility and sharing of information with the team involved in the patient’s care.

Malaffi: The power of data in response to COVID-19

In July 2019, the first Health Information Exchange (HIE) in the Middle East, known as Malaffi HIE, went live in Abu Dhabi, the largest Emirate in the UAE. As part of the strategic priorities of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DOH), the project was established to deliver a best-in-class HIE platform, to guarantee the success of connecting all Abu Dhabi healthcare providers with the ultimate goal to improve the quality of healthcare and patient outcomes.

Little did anyone know at that time just how crucial Malaffi HIE, built around Orion Health’s Amadeus platform, would be to centrally store and enable the meaningful exchange of patient health information between healthcare professionals in the Emirate.

That was until early 2020 when the world was hit with COVID-19.

Product updates

Orion Health Checklists 1.0 enables the accurate and efficient handover of patients across the continuum of care

We are pleased to announce the first version of Checklists, a new product in the Orion Health workflow toolkit. A Checklist is a pre-defined set of action items or checks that can be added to a patient record or linked to a clinical encounter. Each Checklist lists all of the required actions that need to be taken for the patient in their current state or location.

Checklists enable easy collaboration across the continuum of care and increase patient safety by ensuring teams are working with the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Use case

In acute settings, clinical teams are required to provide a thorough handover of patients between shifts or at different phases of their care. Our Checklists product streamlines this process by providing an interactive digital list of items and checks that have been or need completing, so that the clinical team receiving the patient’s record has clear and accurate documentation of the patient’s current status and any next steps.

Examples of when a Checklist would be a vital tool include when admitting patients to a ward and transitioning patients from the operating theatre to recovery.

Care Pathways new Quick Texts feature optimises clinical data entry processes

Care Pathways provides the clinical, administrative and patient-focused tools that are required to manage and optimise the care of patients.

Orion Health is pleased to announce the latest documentation feature in the Care Pathways toolkit, Quick Texts.

In clinical settings, there are often common words or phrases that are frequently used to describe patient conditions, procedures, operations etc. Quick texts are a way to store and easily re-use these commonly entered words and phrases. Defining these terms means the words or phrases can be reused and automatically populated when completing documentation tasks resulting in an optimised data entry process.

Use case

Examples of quick text terms include PS (patient symptoms include) and TB (tuberculosis). Entering the first one or two characters of a defined quick text term, followed by a keyboard command will display a list of matching terms that the user can select. The specified phrase for that particular quick text code will then be automatically inserted into the document.

Quick texts can be personalised to a particular clinician or defined by administrators so that they are shared across the organisation and can be used by all clinicians. Using quick text codes will improve the user-experience and help to streamline the task of completing documentation.

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