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“Keeping it Real” at the Brisbane Digital Health Summit

The Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH) Digital Health Summit took place in Brisbane on the 28 and 29 April, 2022. The purpose of the Summit Series is to bring states and territories back together after a fragmented year, to repair and restore healthcare at the local level. The Summit series kicked off in February … Continued


Our top five blogs of 2022

As we approach the end of the year, here’s a recap of blogs our LinkedIn audience loved reading the most. Leading the way is a blog to recognise International Women’s Day which highlighted some of the outstanding women who are at the helm of our success. This was closely followed by International Nurses Day celebrations … Continued


A wrap up on interoperability in nursing

Nurses play a crucial role in health care. As Annette Kennedy, President of the International Council of Nurses says, nurses are “at the heart of the world’s current health priorities”, making up nearly half of the world’s healthcare workforce and deliver almost 80% of the hands-on care.  Nurses are often the main clinician helping patients … Continued


Prioritising nurses’ access to patient health information

Good data is key to effective health care. When healthcare professionals have access to up-to-date, comprehensive data, they’re better equipped to provide a more efficient, higher-quality level of personalised care. The importance of sharing health data has often been considered from the perspectives of enterprises or clinicians. It’s important that sharing health data be considered … Continued


OrionCC22: Growing and evolving the shared care record

The UK has made a significant investment in shared care records. In England, local health and care record exemplar projects were established in 2018, to build on the success of early movers like Connecting Care in Bristol. Two years later, integrated care systems were given a target to have a ‘basic’ shared care record in … Continued


OrionCC22: Summing up by Gary Birks

The Orion Health UK and Ireland Customer Conference 2022 came to an end with a summary of the day’s themes by Gary Birks, EVP Europe. He reminded the 100 or more delegates in Bristol that the over-arching theme of the day had been how to mature shared care records and to move towards population health … Continued


Leveraging technology to improve healthcare access and delivery

The environment people live in, their socio-economic status, lifestyle and cultural background can have a major impact on their health status. The World Health Organization estimates that, according to numerous studies, social determinants of health (SDH) account for between 30-55% of health outcomes. In addition to the influences of SDH, inequity in healthcare access and delivery are … Continued